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    The Forum Rules do not supersede the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, and should rather be read and understood in conjunction with each other.

    1. 1.   You are responsible for anything you post on this website and forums.

    Fifty Shades of Pink is, and will not be held responsible for anything that you post (whether topic, reply, image or any other contents) on the forums. We do reserve the right to remove any posts that we deem necessary to protect our image and fellow members and promote lawful and civilised usage of these forums.


    1. 2.   Treat others on the forum with dignity and respect.
      Personal attacks, hate speech, racist or sexist statements or attacks, sexual harassment, explicit sexual comments and promoting of violence and threatening statements will not be tolerated. Should anything of the sort come to our attention, we may remove the relevant posts and ban such a member from the forums. We strongly advise that you use the forums with style and pizzazz ladies!


    1. 3.   Do not post any inappropriate sexual content or images.

    No graphic language, nude or sexually explicit image is permitted. Adult conversations about sex are acceptable in the provided sex sections, as long as people are mindful to use proper terms (no “f” words, etc.) and be aware that our forums automatically censor foul language by turning the word into a series of “****” . Keep the dirty words for the bedroom gals!


    1. 4.   Need advice? Give some to others as well!

    We strongly support “take some – give some” and sharing is caring.  There are a lot of woman out there that could benefit from your expertise. Do not be shy to share and help!


    1. 5.   No posting just to incite people or start arguments.

    Our forums are all about freedom of speech, but if you feel a bit grumpy or aggressive, rather go punch a punching bag than to incite arguments with fellow forum members. Respectful, decent and debate-like arguments are welcome!


    1. 6.   No posting new threads to continue arguments from closed threads.

    Should a thread or topic be closed, please don’t try and continue arguments by opening a new related topic. We will give enough time for everybody to say their say on each topic, but it will be closed after a while in order to create new, juicy topics for discussion. Life moves on, so do we!


    1. 7.   No posting just to advertise products, services, or other websites.

    Should you be interested in advertising on our website and/or forums please make use of the contact form provided on the website and get in contact with us to discuss it.
    Note: If it is determined that your posts appear to be solely for the purpose of advertising they will be deleted and the account will be banned. Not the way to go!


    1. 8.    Be supportive of other members regardless of their posts, statements, opinions, etc. Everybody has their own opinion, respect it!

    Need we say more on this?


    1. 9.   No duplicate posts and posts in irrelevant sections.

    Please make sure that you post in the relevant sections. Example, post marriage related content into the marriage forum. This is the only way we can keep relevant information and articles together and organised. All posts are visible to forum visitors. Please don’t submit duplicate posts in an attempt to get quicker replies. This will interfere with the forum structure and may be merged / removed by the web moderator of the forum.


    10. No hijacking threads.

    If your post is not on-topic for a particular thread, please start another thread for it rather than taking someone else’s thread off-topic. We are sure you would not appreciate it if someone else posts in your thread and completely changes the topic in the process!


    11. This is not a dating website! No seeking here please!

    12. No posts promoting illegal activity.

    Please note that should we become aware of any such activity, we will report it to the relevant legal authority and internet service provider and such members will be banned from our forums.


    13. Do not post copyright-infringing material

    Should you contravene this rule in any way, you will be kept liable for this contravention. Fifty Shades of Pink is completely indemnified against such posts/content.





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