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    My best friends boyfriend,is SUPER SUPER controlling. They have been together for 6 months only! My friend isn’t allowed to do ANYTHING without the dude. I ask her to go eat dinner, he says no. I ask her to go the a shopping mall with me, he says no! I think what makes it worse for me is that I suspect that he is cheating on her! She doesn’t care what he does or where he goes but the minute she wants to spend some time with her girlfriends he says he will break up with her if she goes.
    I used to like him, but now the fact that she can never do things with us, makes me despise him. I feel that I am watching my best friend for almost 10 years now, being trapped like a rat in a cage! I don’t want to lose my friend but she really loves him but also don’t want to lose me, so she is caught in a real nasty position. What can I do about this?

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