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    I am no sinner, but also not a saint. I am hoping to write and “talk” about this, I can get some perspective to prevent something terrible to happen…….again!
    I have a confession; I am in love with my sister’s fiancé, well they got married recently but were not at the time. They have been together for two years now and well on their way to get married. Since the day I met him, I felt something for him. He is a lovely man, with a warm and giving heart and not even to mention, very hot body!
    A while ago, we held their bachelorette and bachelors party together at a very exclusive club. The drinks were flowing and we all had a drink too many. So anyway, at a stage I left the group to go the bar for refills. And there he was, his stunning self sitting at the bar waiting for drinks. I pushed through the crowd and went standing right next to him. We started chatting about the awesome time everyone was having. Next thing I know, his hand is on my bum! Luckily no one saw it as we were surround by a lot of party-goers waiting to order drinks, and the rest of our group, which included my sister, were not sitting to far from the bar.
    I am not sure if it was all those Tequilas, but I got so turned on when I felt his hand on me! I took my hand and placed it right on his spot! Not too shabby, I thought! An uncontrollable urge took over in me! I then whispered in his ear to follow me. I led him to the back door, looking out so no one sees us. We left the club and walked a few meters to a dark alley and turned into it. He pushed me towards the wall and started kissing me – the ground disappeared from under my feet!! Still pushed against the wall, he pushed and my dress with his one hand, and unzipped his pants with the other!! What happened next, was like going to heaven!! Unexplainable passion is the best I can describe it!! So the cut the rest of the story short, after our escapades we went back to the club, fetched out drinks from the bar and joined our group again. They have not even missed us!!
    But then it kicked in – The Guilt!!! This is my sister’s husband to be in a few weeks!! What have I done!! But the damage was done – I was in love with him and I think, he with me!! They got married about two weeks ago, but the guilt and love for him is still mauling inside me, making my stomach turn every time I see them.
    I love my sister, soooo much!! But he does too. Should I tell her about this, before he does? He is a very honest and decent guy and I know it was just the alcohol talking that night. What do I do???????

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    Wow, kind need a moment to get over the shock here!

    I don’t mean to criticize- but why and how would you do that?! Every women, or better yet, every human has weak points in their life’s, but this is something that no women should do!!

    Sorry, but I really cant support you…………

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