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    Anonymity is very important to some of our members using this forum because they are confessing and discussing personal information that they may not necessarily want acquaintances, family or friends to be aware off. For those members, we strongly advise you to read the following tips:

    Search Engines & Scrapers – search engines like Google, for example, index (crawl and note) every website with all its content that is found on the internet. Anything you post or share in our forum can be found by someone who searches specifically for it, via a search engine. If anonymity is a concern, don’t post anything that could identify you. This goes for usernames as well. Scrapers index content in a similar way, and can be used by companies to gather data on people for marketing purposes. Thus, the less identifying information you reveal about your personal identity and the identities of specific individuals you are posting about, the better. Use alias names as far as possible.
    Usernames – Your username shows up next to everything you post on our forums. Usernames can also be indexed by search engines (This is the reason we advise you to use an alias username – clever us hey?!)  It would also be easy for someone to identify your username on other forums you post on, through a Google search, should you use the same username on other forums. If you are concerned about anonymity, do not pick a username that would make it easy for others to identify you, and use one username per website / forum you participate in.
    Profile Information – Our forums request minimal personal information. Members can choose how much personal information they want to include in their profile. However, as with usernames, search engines could also index your profile information, although your information is not visible to anyone except the website administrators. Should anonymity be a concern, don’t include any personal information you don’t want anybody to be able to find via a Google search.
    Pictures & Avatars – Please be aware that any pictures you post can be recognized by people who know you when they search for it. Those pictures might also appear on Google Images. For your profile picture, we suggest that you either make use of the avatar pictures we provide, or alternatively make use of a non-personal identifying picture.
    Browsing History & Cache - Every website you visit is stored in your web browsers’ history and cache. Sometimes browsers store logins as well. Anyone who has access to your PC can easily find out which sites you’ve visited unless you delete your browser’s history files and cache.

    Posting content – Do not use any real names in your posts. The person you are mentioning in your post can follow your post when his/her name is “Googled” or searched via any other search engine.

     Social networking – Our forums are linked to certain social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Should you choose to share or like a post or page, it will appear on your Facebook profile. We might also share something from our side via our Facebook page that will appear on your page should you have liked our page.

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