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    My daughter is now 14 years old. She has always made me the proudest mom with her high achieving standards and great personality and focus.
    About 5 months ago, her school grades took a turn for the worst. She seemed uninterested in anything else except her friends. On top of that, she would come in late at night (not with permission to go out in the first place), with her speech slurry, eyes big and pupils dilated and very talkative in the wee hours of the morning. We had a firm discussion with her about this but she started shouting and screaming, telling us that we don’t trust her and how could we think this of her.
    I have raided her room but could not find anything suspicious. Before I even consider drug tests, I would like her to be honest with me about this so that we can resolve it in-house.
    How do I get her to trust me so that I can help her?

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