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    We have been “unhappily” married for about 6 years now. We have two lovely kids still in primary school. My husband has a very demanding and stressful job which apparently gives him the excuse to verbally abuse me!!
    My husband loves to drink, but luckily not every day, but every other day is more accurate!! The problem is that when he drinks, he constantly tells me that he tired of everything and working himself sick to the bone to carry our family. See, I don’t work and have not worked since our babies were born. We decided together that it would be better for our kids if they had a stay-at-home mom. I know feel scared to ask him anything, even for money for bread or milk! I feel that I am to no use anymore in his life!! I don’t have the best job experience and won’t be easy for me to get a job.
    I feel so useless at this point in time and don’t know what to do?!!!!

    Any advice?

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    “Sometimes walking away has nothing do with weakness,
    and everything to do with strength.
    We walk away not because we want
    others to realize our worth and value,
    but because we finally realize our own.”

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    I agree with Beki!

    Also, seems that you have lost your self-respect! That is one of the very few things we as women have to hold on!

    My suggestion is to slowly build yourself up again! Go for a make over, get a job and start earning your respect and independence!

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