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    “I’d been on two dates with this guy when he started telling me how much he wanted to see more of me. Can you believe that?! Anyway, the other day I was walking through the frozen food section of my local store to pick up some things for our third date for which I undertook to make a home-cooked meal. Being very deep in thought busy strategising my perfect meal, a message came through to my phone. Being habit I suppose, I stopped walking and reached for my phone. The message was from my date. I opened the message, and OMG, it was a naked pic taken at very close range of his goods! I am sure, at that moment, my face displayed the OMG from forehead to chin!! Taking this up for a few seconds, I lifted my head and noticed a elderly lady with her walking stick, standing right next to me, looking at me with the utmost disgrace and soul piercing eyes! She has obviously not seen the disgrace on my face, but anyway, I just put the phone back in my bag and walked away from where we were standing.
    Needless to say-I cooked a fabulous dinner for myself that night!

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