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    So it seems that I had the most embarrassing “non-date”, ever!!

    When we initially met, he was my swimming instructor. We have intensely been flirting with each other for a few weeks now but have not been on an official date. Sometimes a bit of “touchy” here and “grabby” there was in order as we walked past each other in the pass ways!

    It was standard at our swimming club, that after a weekend-day training session, a group of us will go and have a drink or two.

    One specific night, we follow the trend as usual. We headed to our local pub. This guy came and sat right next to me after we arrived at our table! It was unusual! Unusual because we all had our dedicated seats where we always sit. I thought maybe he just wanted to have s change of scenery… or I am in for something tonight!

    The night went on as usual- great conversation with a group of great people! At some stage one of the other guys made an extremely funny comment. I was laughing so hard until, the next moment I feel a hand very high up my thigh! Not quit at the peak of Mount Everest, but most definitely close to the top base camp. I tried to act normal and not make any eye contact with this “this guy” as I was not sure what kind of look is on my face!!

    He kept his hand on me for another while, now and again rubbing his fingers up and down my thigh. Also keep in mind that I am extremely ticklish and this was not helping me to focus on any conversing going on! Never mind the fact that it made me extremely uncomfortable not knowing where that hand is heading! I know at some point during the “thigh-rubbing” event, I was thinking if I led this on? Did I give him some signal at some point that he is welcome to touch? I could not think of anything at that point that could have made him think this is ok. Honestly, I do like him but, don’t know much about him, that is it!

    Anyway, the night went on and the hand stayed put. At some point, I think I actually forgot it was there! Seeing that I was not sure how too not have it there!
    Still enjoying the company of the group and being deep in conversation with another girl at the table – He “hits” again!! The next moment, his hand is touching base camp!! And not just touching……
    It gave me such a fright, I jumped up from the chair, throwing my chair backwards in the process against a waiter with a full tray of drinks, bumping a very expensive bottle of Chardonney over on our table and landing firmly on my bum, next to another table!! The waiter also had a meeting with mother earth, not too far from me! Just imagine all this chaos with bottles and glasses flying!!
    We attracted so much attention, everybody in the restaurant, were staring at this scene! I looked around briefly and saw the mess around me! Oh my word, this is so embarrassing! Anyway, I got gracefully and helped the poor waiter up from the ground.
    Not knowing what else to say with my still very blushed cheeks – I apologised to the waiter and informed him in a very assuring manner, that they have a massive rat problem! OMG!
    Needless to say, this was the topic of discussion for the rest of the night. Joe was finding it very amusing and funny, however, I was not!!
    It has been two weeks since the “incident” and I have tried very hard to avoid Joe at the club although it is not always possible. On one of the rare occasions we have spoken recently, Joe has asked me out on an official date. I have not replied yet as I am still not sure how I feel about what the boundaries he overstepped that night, if he DID overstep? Did our flirting lead to this or is Joe just way too confident and out of place?

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