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    Being a woman is quite difficult task. But being a Woman is even harder one. Sometimes in the flow of our routine life we can forget about who we are and what we are. The modern world around seems to be ruled by men, and that’s why sometimes it seems we have to change the very our nature to win the race. And here is the point where women divide into two long columns going in two opposite direction.

    First one goes right to the kitchen (children, small job with no perspectives, rich man who solves the problems etc.). This is the notorious way of least resistance, where you can always console yourself with your bright children or famous husband or apple pie… And that apple pie is great, no kidding))

    The second column in turn goes left (not necessarily there – but always in the opposite direction) and starts a war against the cruel world. Men’s world – as they say… Of course that fight requires some man’s weapons and men’s decisions and all the heavy and tiresome stuff, and finally – women forget who they are.

    Both this ways seem sad and misleading, don’t they? And the right answer about how to be a real Woman, is somewhere inside us. Just to help you find it here are some tips. For me I hate all that motivation stuff that seems so unnatural but these pieces – they are just true)

    1. The Woman lives there and then, then and there. She doesn’t start her life from the shiny moment she meets her Prince. She is just happy)

    2. She never complains about her sex – as she is fully aware how privileged she is being born a woman.

    3. The more genuine interests or hobbies she has – the less are the chances she will do what other people want her to do.

    4. She is never in a hurry but she is never late. She knows that everything has it’s time to happen (including love and success) so she is patient.

    5. The Woman loves herself in the first place. And that love is infectious – other people start to love and respect her in turn.

    6. The Woman doesn’t have any “must”, even when talking about her children. All the things she does – she does only out of love.

    7. She is ready to give and to take love in return, but when she is lonely she knows it’s a gift and she knows what to do with it.

    8. She loves her age and takes all its advantages and disadvantages, ‘cause she knows for sure that her real beauty, her charm and sexuality cannot be taken by some years. She’s a Woman, after all!

    9. She knows it’s never too late to do something, to make a new start or bring changes.

    10. She is sure that sometimes all the troubles can be solved with only a box of chocolates in warm company of her best friend.

    Being Woman is great))

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    Wow, Such true words!

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